Does this game have multiplayer modes?
- No, it does not.

I am having trouble with controls in Bomberman.
- We recommend practicing the controls on 'Test Play' in the Help Menu or on the earlier, easier stages.
- (Pointers on the Controls)
After flicking, Bomberman moves in the direction of the flick until you remove your the finger. (It is unnecessary to continually moving the finger in the direction of the flick.) As the finger unintentionally shifts position while concentrating on the game, controls are easier when you consciously return your finger to the bottom-left of the screen.

Will I be able to play Round 2 and higher even if I erase my save data?
- Yes, information on games clear will not be erased along with any save data. You will still be able to play Round 2 and higher.

Do the Hudson!! HUDSON SOFT
Do the Hudson!!(β) for iPhone and iPod touch HUDSON SOFT