The excitement is back! - Complete world of classic TV serious, KNIGHT RIDER!
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Mission Solving Car Action - Based on the episodes from TV serious, more than 15 original missions will be included. Manipulate K.I.T.T. and solve difficult incidents! Fans from the TV serious and also, even the ones who has never seen the show can enjoy!
Scenes from the TV serious will be used through out the game - The footage from the TV serious will be implemented at the key points of the mission to bring more excitement. Music - Used famous original soundtrack. Register to iPod music and be able to play as BGM.
Instinctive Operation - Simple touch operation to control K.I.T.T. Drift your way through the town.
Special Techniques - K.I.T.T. will earn various equipments by completing the mission. 'Oil Slick'; unleash the oil to spin the enemy, and 'Turbo Boost'; make a big jump forward, will be added as you proceed.


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