Screen description

How to operate


There are 2 ways "Uhi Uhi" moves.
*A player can select different movement options by selecting the "OPTION" button.
(1) Flick:
If a player touches the screen and flicks "Uhi Uhi" to the right or left, "Uhi Uhi" jumps in the direction you flick.
(2) Tilt
"Uhi Uhi" moves in the direction you tilt the device.


If a player taps the screen, "Uhi Uhi" will shoot the targeted ball .

Ball Types

"Happy Face Popper" has four kinds of balls in the gameplay.

This is the basic ball "Uhi Uhi" will face.
This ball has a high bouncing ability.
Once "Uhi Uhi" shoots this ball, it will transform into a smaller size.
Once "Uhi Uhi" shoots this ball, it will transform into a smaller size.
Watch out for this ball! "Uhi Uhi" will be dealt massive damage if he is hit by it. If the ball is smaller, "Uhi Uhi" has to shoot it twice in order to destroy it!

Item description


This is a normal shot.
This shot enables continuous shooting.
This item enables the shooting area wider.
This shot will bounce the ball at 90 degrees, if it hits the wall.


(Speed UP)
The moves of "Uhi Uhi" will speed up.
This Item enables the edge of the screen to warp .

(Time UP)
A player gets more time.

The score on the stage becomes double.
(Life up)
A life energy of "Uhi Uhi" is recovered.


If a player gets an item, the operation guide is shown on the screen.
If a player operates the item as the guide shows, the game starts the aggressive attacking mode.

☆Pinch Out
Time stops for a short time letting "Uhi Uhi" focus on shooting the balls.

"Uhi Uhi" attacks by tackling the balls.

This item adds extra damage to all of the balls.

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